The Livestock & Dairy Development Department has look forward the delegate came from the Kashmir Institute of Management (KIM), Muzaffarabad. Inland study tour of first Mid Career Management Course is being organised from 10th-15th July 2011 by the KIM and Livestock Department is going to assist in conducting this study tour. The Director General of Kashmir Institute of Management has requested the Secretary Livestock Punjab Hamed Yaqoob Sheikh to accept the visit of course group to Livestock & Dairy Development Department. Khalid Awais Ranjha, Additional Secretary Livestock warmly welcomed the group of 17 participants including officers and faculty members who visited Lahore during the study tour. As livestock is an emerging sector of agriculture in Pakistan and is increasingly becoming a very important sector of national economy, contributing even more than all the other agricultural crops. Thus Livestock sector is contributing approximately 55.3pc of the agriculture value added and about 11.1pc to national GDP. Livestock & Dairy Development Department, Punjab is striving for the development of livestock sector in the province and contributing to national food security, economic uplift, rural development, poverty alleviation, employment generation and foreign exchange earnings. Keeping in view the worth of livestock sector, aforementioned tour has been settled on and Livestock Department Punjab is playing its key role by the way.