Is it a coincidence that the same news channel Al-Jazira, who used to telecast OBL' virgin audio and video messages to the world, during last decade, can now take pride in publishing part of the Abbotabad Commission report. This enquiry commission was set up by the previous Pakistani government to investigate how OBL remained unspotted for so many years in Pakistan, and how come Americans were able to raid his highly fortified residence on the outskirts of army' prestigious academy. As complete report is not yet available, even few in-between pages are missing from the one published by Al-Jazira, therefore it's difficult to judge how true are commission' remarks that culprits have been pinpointed in the report. They may include those who committed such a criminal negligence out of some sentiments or simple corruption buttered the ways to provide a sanctuary for OBL. However, few things are very clear---a number of Al-Qaeda' operatives and high-ups have been arrested from Pakistan --- Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Younis Al-Mauretani, Abu Faraj Al-Libi, Umar Patek, Zabi Ul- Taifi to name a few; similarly many more were killed by Pakistan army or American drones strikes on tribal areas. But how the top most wanted person in the world couldn't come under intelligence radar for almost a decade raises many questions. But mind you search for these terrorists is not yet over. World is still waiting for Mullah Umer and Ayman Zawahiri to face the music. It's high time Pakistani intelligence and security agencies looked for the catch otherwise it may be another May 02 morning with so many red faces.MASOOD KHAN, Saudi Arab, July 10.