Regrettably, our society is facing so many kinds of divides, caste-community divide; forward-backward divide urban-rural divide and division based on class, gender, language, ethnicity and religion and region. It is an undeniable fact that the feeling of oneness has almost disappeared with the emergence of many myopic, local regional parties pursuing sectional interest. Our perpetual ruling elite and their political parties have been unable to solve the problems of abject poverty, overpopulation, deteriorating condition of law and order, violence and general coarsening of the moral fibre of the whole society but on the contrary, they have exacerbated the situation and accelerated the disintegration of society. It really pains me to hear that the local youth, both skilled, semi-skilled and others are deprived of jobs, in the oil and gas companies operating in Sindh, and minting billions of dollars every day from the rich resources of the province, on the sole ground that they are Sindhis. This subversive and poisonous mindset of the Human Resources Management working with various Oil and Gas Companies and other multinational companies operating in Sindh province will not only fuel disintegration in the society but it will also cause an irreparable loss to human and national harmony. Indeed, human orientation of such managers, among others, is a must to strengthen human bond and promote national integration in the country.HASHIM ABRO, Islamabad, July 6.