There is a report in a section of the National English press about India building yet another hydroelectric dam at Ratle on Chenab River. This is in addition to scores of dams already built on our Western rivers that will suck us dry as the dams store water to critically reduce flow for the lower riparian i.e. Pakistan. This particular dam is designed to produce 850 MW of power while India plans to generate 32000 MW of power on our three Western rivers to sell us at Rs. 16/- per unit while costing Rs. 1.22/- on the above mentioned dam. We have an energy potential of 44000 MW on our rivers in Pakistan which so far has been used only up to 15 percent. It is really shameful that India goes ahead with plans to generate at a very low cost and to sell us at Rs. 16/- per unit while the water advisers of Prime Minister are insisting on importing power from India at exorbitant price. The Prime Minister ought to look carefully at our hydel generation plans so that we are not skinned alive by the Indian designs, supported by our own dubious water experts.DR. M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, July 11.