This has reference to a new story in your newspaper about changes in PIA dated with one set of cronies replacing the other. PIA during past five years was run by Obaid Jatoi, a junior PIA pilot, whose sole qualification was that he was class fellow of Asif Zardari. OJ ran PIA like a fiefdom, getting high school dropouts like himself, men like Aijaz Haroon, Nadeem Yusafzai appointed as MD with a former Clearing Agent running the airline’s Marketing Division and other thoroughly corrupt team running Flight Operations, Administration, Stores and Corporate Planning. Similarly CAA was handed over to Fazalulah Pechuha, husband of Dr Azra Pechuha. Between these two Obaid Jatoi and Pechuha, Pakistan’s aviation industry was driven to the ground, its revenues pilfered, with shady procurement contracts and other deals benefiting the signatories, while causing colossal losses to PIA of over Rs 160 billion. The only merit for recruitments was their capacity for corruption and devising ways and means to make money, even if that led to destruction of PIA. So what has changed, Obaid Jatoi has been replaced by Shujat Azeem, the man reported to have provided a 9 seat private jet for part of election campaign. He is also a pilot running a Ground Handling Agency, which is subject to CAA regulatory controls. Is this the recipe for bailing out an organization driven to the ground by five years of massive corruption, poor management, nepotism and cronyism? RASHID ORAKZAI, Islamabad, July 6.