Kashmiris yesterday marked Martyrs Day to commemorate the 22 valiant Kashmiris who were shot dead in a public place by the Dogra government on July 13, 1931. The state army in the Valley has as usual put senior leaders under house arrest, a tactic that always fails to prevent the people from coming onto the streets and demanding their right to self-determination.That day surely deserves to be remembered; yet there are hundreds, in fact thousands of other such gruesome days and moments that the people of the Valley have been witnessing where they have been subjected to incalculable pain and agony. So far the death count from various tallies is well above 100000, some thousands of them recently discovered in mass-graves in northern part of the Valley, something that did not go without shocking some of the Indian intellectuals. That New Delhi is bent upon using force as the first and last means to bully Kashmiris or its neighbours in its vicinity and slap its diktat upon them is evident even in its present day practices.It is a pity, that veteran politicians such as Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman have not been able to achieve anything in their supposedly ideological defence of the cause. Patient diplomacy has similarly delivered few results. Back channels focus on trade and normalization, with the Kashmiri issue shyly left untouched, to the satisfaction of the Indian side of the table.But, Pakistanis across the country look to their government to reflect their peoples’ commitment to supporting their Kashmiri brethren. Unless and until a government confidently takes a stand on the Kashmir issue, the people of Pakistan will not repose in them the confidence they need to normalize relations with India otherwise. First Kashmir, then everything else. The government would do well to remember this.