Liberals all around the world have welcomed the military coup in Egypt, which ousted the first democratically elected president of Egypt who was elected after 70 years of secular dictatorship. Liberals are trying to tell us that President Morsi did nothing for the betterment of Egypt, after remaining ‘one long year’ in power, rather he was forcing Brotherhood’s agenda or in other words Islamic agenda over multicultural society of Egypt. But one can’t understand these liberals, their baseless arguments and rubbish logics. Rather, one should ask them a few questions. Was Morsi not an elected president? Is MB not a part of Egyptian society? Don’t they have right to form a constitution of their own choice according to principle of western democracy? Why these liberals didn’t come out on the streets when French Parliament was banning veil in sheer violation of human rights? Why these liberals didn’t raise their voice when legislative assemblies, mostly dominated by seculars and Hindu extremists, of different Indian states were prohibiting cow’s slaughter? These liberals can only raise their voice for the rights of gays and lesbians, but they can never stand up for a Muslim lady who wants to cover her head.Liberals blow the trumpet of Democracy day in and day out, but they only accept democratic process if it result s in their favour. They can’t tolerate if as a result of the democratic process some Islamic minded people come into power. In the past they refused to accept the election results of Algeria and Palestine, now they have done the same in Egypt and their next target most likely Turkey and Tunisia. Are these Liberals really the democrats, or are they actually the hypocrites?AHMED USMAN, Sargodha, July 10.