ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)'s logic behind organising the Ramadan T20 Cup 2013 is hard to understand for not only the cricketers but also for the fans as at a time when all the top stars are on West Indies tour. There is hardly any star attraction left for the fans and there was no need of holding this event.

The empty grounds were a proof of the PCB's ill-planning and a show of no-confidence from the otherwise cricket crazy fans of Karachi, who even in local events turned up in quite a few numbers, but the fans have totally rejected the PCB event.

There were hardly any spectators witnessed in the entire stadium. The empty seats and deserted stadium were presenting a very negative image of the country at international level, as this event was being broadcast live by a local private channel.

The poor standard of umpiring was also clearly witnessed in the tournament as PIA were gifted victory against HBL while the replays were clearly showing the bowler had bowled the legitimate delivery and was not a no ball but the TV umpire, somehow, missed such a simple decision which cost HBL dearly. Things could have turned further nasty, had UBL not lost their last round match against Wapda as in case of UBL victory, HBL side would have been thrown out of the event.

The entire drama was staged just to accommodate and make way for the privately owned TV channel, who had played a significant role in bringing Najam Sethi. In most of the sports programme of the local private TV channel, the interim PCB chief, despite having very less knowledge of the game, often seen in action commenting on various aspects denying the reality that he is not just a journalist but also an interim PCB chief so he must understand, there is not only a one TV channel but others as well.

It seems a great game is on as last time the same media group lost the broadcasting rights, which cost them dearly, but this time they were not in a mood to let the things off the hook and planned each and every move, which is going on exactly to their script.

The PCB would soon auction the rights of Pakistan cricket team, and the powerful group is all set to grab the mouth-watering TV rights, which would be a jackpot for the private group, but it would spell disaster for the people belonging to far-flung area of the country, who could easily watch their favorite stars in action on the state-owned TV, as privately-owned channel is only on air where cable TV is available. It means that majority of Pakistanis will be deprived of watching Pakistan team in action for the rest of the duration of the TV rights.

Ever since Sethi has taken over the reins of the PCB affairs, only one media group enjoys all the breaking stories regarding Pakistan team or the PCB, as stories are leaked to accommodate the blue-eyed media group.

Where the ethics of Sethi have gone, who poses himself as great champion of rights and always in his speeches gives top priority to implementing transparency in every department. Where all his tall claims have gone? Why other journalists have been denied of their basic right of access to information? Why Sethi has been chosen for this hot seat? The answer is very simple which is to get maximum rewards in return. But now the things have been going on in the wrong direction as these things will set negative precedent and it will harm not only the reputation of the PCB, but it will also result in depriving majority of Pakistanis from watching players in action on their TV screens.

Prime Minister and Supreme Court Chief Justice should take serious notice of the entire drama as an immediate action is need of the hour to safeguard the basic rights of the people of Pakistan. Any further delay in this regard will spell more miseries for the cricket-loving fans who deserve better treatment.