Corruption has been defined as a misuse of power for private benefit, which is endemic in Pakistan. No structure, tier or office of the public sector is immune from it. It has deeply embedded its claws in every department, even in our police force and our judiciary, the two main organizations that take care of the masses. The common man has no place to address his cry for help. Our federal and provincial governments should take serious note of this, but they are the main proponents of this crime.

All the agencies that were ever formed for the very purpose of ridding the government of corruption, become the biggest participants, NAB and FBR to name but a few. There must be a serious anti-corruption agency that could work without any external pressure to curb this evil what our politicians fail to see is that in the long run it will eat them up as well. Corruption is like termite, the country may look as if it is standing, but it has become hollow from within. We all must strive to deal with it strongly or we will all suffer.


Lahore, July13.