At first it’s a wary encounter between an unlikely duo but Mubi the baby monkey and Daisy the Jack Russell are really the happiest of playmates.

Mubi was rejected by her mother Yola at Port Lympne Reserve in Kent, but now has pups Daisy and Ian for company at the home of her human carer, Simon Jeffrey. Mr Jeffrey, who is head of the primate section at the reserve, has taken on the role of adoptive father to Mubi, an African drill monkey.

Soon after her birth, he began feeding her by hand every two hours to keep her alive. He said: ‘The first week was exhausting. Mubi needed feeds every two hours, right through the day and night. Thankfully, after the first week she started sleeping through the night.

‘During the day I take her to work and the team look after her at the enclosure where she can see her parents. When I’ve finished working in the reserve, she comes home with me.’ After all this loving care, Simon is hopeful that Mubi will be able to return to her family in the reserve. African drills are an endangered species, whose population has dropped by more than half over the past 30 years due to hunting and deforestation.