Pakistan has suffered a lot from the American War on Terror (WOT). Everyone knows the details, but what was neglected was the impact on women, especially women from Swat and FATA. It was after the attack on Malala that the issue attracted some international attention, but still no effort was made to analyze the problem.

Imagine the life of these women, they have never enjoyed any rights, particularly freedom of movement, right to education or the right to take any decision. Women are denied medical assistance in these areas as most of the doctors are male. With the latest Army Operation, many have fled from North Waziristan into settled areas. Females have been forced to abandon their homes and move to these unorganized areas, which do not provide the protection and gender separate facilities that they were used to. I wish someone had made an effort to learn their lifestyle and accommodated them, so that this move had not added to their miseries.


Lahore, June 28.