LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Sudnay inaugurated the project of signal-free Azadi Chowk flyover and alternative route of new Circular Road, completed in a record period of 165 days at a cost of Rs. 5.35 billion.

The total length of the flyover interchange is 2.53 km and around 0.2 million vehicles will benefit daily from this project, saving Rs900 million annually in fuel.

Addressing on the occasion, Shahbaz Sharif said that the Azadi Chowk Project was completed in a short period of six months. He assured that not only best travelling facilities would be available from it but precious time would also be saved, adding that the metro bus would pass through it without any loss of time. He said that the project would play an important role in the economic development as well as enhancing beauty of Lahore.

The chief minister said that the project would also save national monuments, including Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort and Minar-e-Pakistan, from environmental pollution. “Lahore is the city of lively people which has the honor of being heart of Asia and cultural capital of Pakistan. We all have to jointly make Lahore a city of beautiful parks, gardens and flowers,” Shahbaz said.

He said that the promotion of education, health, transport, cleanliness activities and providing best infrastructure to the people was the top priority of his government.

Separately talking to media during his visit to Ramazan bazaar of Peoples Colony, Gujranwala,  Shahbaz Sharif said that Government will not allow profiteers and hoarders to exploit the people during the holy month of Ramazan.

“The aim of setting up of Ramazan bazaars is to provide eatable items to the people at reasonable rates”, he said.

According to an official handout, Gujranwala administration was unaware of surprise visit of the chief minister who was returning to Lahore from Rawalpindi by helicopter and without prior programme, he directed the pilot to land the helicopter in Gujranwala.

The chief minister visited Ramazan bazaar of Peoples Colony, went to each stall and checked the quality and prices of the items placed at the stalls. He inquired from the people about the prices and quality of the essential items upon which, people told the chief minister that quality essential items, vegetables and fruits are available in Ramazan bazaars at reasonable rates. They said that due to the visits of chief minister, quality of the items had improved in Ramazan bazaars and prices stabilized.

On the occasion, the chief minister got checked the quality and moisture content in the flour through a machine which were correct. He also got weighed flour bag which was also correct. The chief minister was told that 10kg flour bag was available in abundance at Rs. 310 per bag in Ramazan bazaars and the quality of flour was also better.

After that Shahbaz Sharif visited Shaheenabad Ramazan bazaar, inspected every stall and checked the prices and quality of eatable items.

The chief minister especially checked the stalls of flour and sugar. Taking notice of excess moisture in flour bag, the Chief Minister issued orders to seal the concerned Muzaffar Flour Mill. He directed that there should not be excess moisture in flour than the prescribed ratio. The Chief Minister directed to remove the restriction of provision of 1kg sugar to one person in Ramazan bazaar and ordered to provide 2kg sugar per consumer, upon which the people appreciated this step of the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister also got checked the weight of flour bag and also checked the weights and measures.

Talking to media-men on the occasion, Shahbaz Sharif said that Government would take strict action again the profiteers and hoarders to keep the prices at affordable rates.

He observed that arrangements in Ramazan bazaars of Gujranwala were better and appreciable than Kasur and Okara. He directed that besides Ramazan bazaars, officials of all districts should also keep a vigilant eye on the prices of eatable items in open market. He said that the profiteers and hoarders should not expect any leniency from him. Ten kg flour bag at Rs. 310, sugar at Rs. 45 per kg, chicken meat at least 20 rupees less than the market and eggs Rs. 12 less per dozen are being sold in Ramazan bazaars. The chief minister expressed satisfaction over the quality and prices of vegetables, fruits and other edibles in Ramazan bazaars of Gujranwala.