The elections in Afghanistan are a milestone in the war torn country. As was expected the main contenders turned out to be Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai an ethnic Pashtoon, from the south-east of the country and Abdullah Abdullah, who claims the support among the northerners, especially Tajiks but the whole project of electioneering became sour when, in the second round Ashraf Ghani, who was the runner up in the first round became the winner. Abdullah Abdullah instantly rejected the outcome and questioned the high turnout. He even called it a coup against the will of the people of Afghanistan.

The situation became alarming after Abdullah’ supporters came out on the streets and tore down the portrait of Hamid Karzai. It was in this background that on Friday US Secretary of State John Kerry visited Kabul and met all the parties. It is hoped that US will take steps to resolve these internal issues. The tension in a neighboring country can have a very adverse effect but we should not meddle in their internal affairs. It would be better if Pakistan lets the Afghans solve their own problems without any interference.


Lahore, July 11.