The 2014 FIFA World Cup has opened the new vistas for Sialkot-based footballs manufacturers and exporters to explore and capture the world markets after the historical production of “Brazuca” football for the tournament, Sialkot exporters told reporters here from Brazil by telephone.

Brazuca football is being used in FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The world cup has given a new global fame to Sialkot, as several European and African companies have shown keen interest to import world-class hand stitched or machine made footballs directly from Pakistan.

The footballs exporters have been present in Brazil since the beginning of the World Cup to watch these history-making moments. They said that the world cup also provided them the unique opportunities of global marketing, besides watching the world cup matches in Brazilian cities like Sao Paulo, Natal, Salvador, Cuiaba, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Fortaleza, Brasilia, Porto Alegre, Curitiba and Rio De Janeiro as well.

They said that though Brazil met with wounding bad luck but the people were happy to have the producers of Brazuca amongst them in Brazil. The Sialkot soccer balls manufacturers and exporters present said both Brazil and Germany had ever been the big markets of Sialkot made export products including surgical instruments and sports goods especially the soccer balls.

They added that the world was eyeing on the Brazuca football produced as it has ensured the easy access of Sialkot exporters to the new world markets. They said that it had opened new vistas of exploring and capturing the European foot ball markets.

Sialkot exporters were getting export orders putting aside who wins this world cup and this was amazing. They remained successful in getting the planet’s biggest mega event as well. The exporters have been getting hundreds of export orders of bulk exports of footballs by their new and old buyers during the football world cup.

World cup has also increased the footballs’ exports from Sialkot, showing 49 percent increase in footballs’ exports from Sialkot during fiscal year 2013-14. During the fiscal year 2013-14, 474,187,200 footballs were exported from Pakistan worth US $ 132 million dollar during the fiscal year 2013-14.