As the North Waziristan operation continues the internally displaced persons are facing a tough time coping with their daily lives. In this situation it is imperative that we all provide them assistance. The Prime Minister has reiterated his resolve to assist the IDP’s in any way possible, he said that the internally displaced persons would not be left alone and assured full support for them and he said that there was no dearth of resources and the government would ensure provision of assistance, rehabilitation and relief and early settlement process.

The Finance Minister assured that the IDP’s would be fully assisted financially. The people of Pakistan are donating funds heartily in this month of Ramadan and charity organizations are working alongside the government to ensure the affective use of funds. While it may take some time, for these persons to get back to their homes at least we can help them in their current states. This is a very hot month and people are also fasting so the help should be quick and adaquit.


Lahore, July 9.