Talk to someone special whole night free, stay online all the time in just 5 rupees, text as much as you can: these are the night packages for the cellular subscribers in Pakistan. Cellular companies, all over the world, are undoubtedly offering special discount offers during off hours, when the traffic is low. But the packages and offers in Pakistan are way too cheaper, which promote the excessive use of such services, resulting in great loss to the people.

Such offers profoundly attracts the youth, especially teenagers studying in schools and colleges, who are stooping to immoralities, scams, Google-created geniuses, let alone the bad health due to nigh-long chats. Our youth is always short of time to spend with their families just because they can’t risk being out of contact with pals. Weekends, decade ago, were reserved for family gatherings in our country, but the special weekend offers have bonded the youth to their cell phones. Everyone knows the reality of night packages in Pakistan. There is a trend developed among young generation talking to opposite gender (boyfriends/girlfriends) with the blessings of such night packages. The advertisements of such packages are also promoting such things which are perilous to our culture.

An International Islamic University Islamabad Professor, Dr Muhammad Irfan, commented that the night packages are spoiling the students, as such long chats result in frustration and disappointment. “They talk about such things, which should not be shared,” he added.

Bilal, a psychiatrist, was of the view that late night packages are responsible for several mental and physical diseases among students. He further said, “Sleepless nights are very unhealthy for human body and this may cause serious mental disorder among students if they keep using late night calling packages”. He believed talking over the call with opposite gender lead them to adult talk, which is very much harmful for their physical health.

Parents are also responsible, in some regard, for such wrong to their children, getting misled by the abundance of these night packages. They must not lack control on their children and should keep them in healthy activities. The students must also be indulged in sports, family parties, gatherings and functions, outings. Parents should set a schedule for their children and have a check on them to grow healthier rather than becoming jilted lovers.

Some parents are very strict and never allow their children to keep cell phones at all, which makes them falling in complexity and depression. There must be natural balance kept among such affairs of life, which allows the youth to adopt modern technology. Parents should make sure that their children are not using their cell phones during study hours. A friendly eye on their activities must be kept and parents should also guide their children about the complexities of such misuse of cellular services.

The government and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) must step forward for the action against such misuse. Last year a resolution was unanimously passed by the Punjab Assembly to ban late night packages but no action was observed in this regard.

It is the moral duty of every citizen of the country to lessen availing such offers, as it is impacting greatly on tour nation. The advertising campaigns of these packages should be monitored and fixed according to our culture and teachings. The students should also balance their activities in order to play their role for the betterment of country.