The mercury has further shot up but the Gepco showed no mercy for the fasting people. The company failed to provide any relief to people by reducing the duration of loadshedding in the city and suburban areas.   Currently the duration of electricity loadshedding had increased up to 20 hours.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Zaman Ansari President Powerlooms Worker Union and other Labour Unions have threatened to besiege office of the Executive Engineer Gepco within two days if power supply was not improved.

Meanwhile, low pressure of sui gas in most of the localities in the city have become problem for the housewives to cook meals at Sehri and Iftari timings for their families.

The Housewives Association has called upon SNGPL authorities to increase the pressure without further delay. The public has urged the government to take pity on the masses in the scorching heat and rationalise the loadshedding duration. They regretted that the masses were already finding it hard to make both ends meet and outages had deprived the poor of their livelihood.