Apropos The Nation’s report ‘Minor Fault behind Sindh, Baluchistan Blackout’. It is clarified that neither former President Asif Zardari nor Ms Faryal Talpur has any shares in K-Electric, let alone ‘major shares’. It is also wrong to allege that Zardari ‘used his powers to manipulate the agreement’ on K-Electric. The agreement to privatize K-Electric was signed by the government during the days of General Musharaf and its ownership also transferred to the new owners during that period.

Those who allege that Zardari manipulated the deal, are in fact asserting that much before becoming the President, indeed even before the PPP government and during the hostile government of a military dictator Zardari had some magical powers to ‘manipulate the agreement’ between the government and a private entity. Such an assertion requires no comment as it would amount to offending the intelligence of readers.


Islamabad, July 10.