It seems that the ministry of water and power considers itself above the law and the hubris its subordinate departments show to the common man begs disbelief. Its website is incomplete and opens rarely. It only shows the telephone numbers, and no emails addresses for any ministers and other officials. The telephone numbers are all out of order and never answered. Only the Secretary has an email address, but all emails sent to him bounce back undelivered. The information and the promises it displays seem untrustworthy, keeping in view its past record. The ministry’s advertisement in the media urging consumers to use universal complaint number 080063726 to report unscheduled load-shedding costs almost Rs. 50 to connect because it is always so busy, but even then the answer given is to contact the local company office (such as 2nd Subdivision Muzaffargarh) who have already rejected our requests. Whom should we turn to for help? Only heaven knows.


Muzaffargarh, July 12.