Let me apprise the reader that only last week one of my friends got stuck in a third class hotel in London, provided by PIA, when his flight got stuck due to a gear problem in a Boeing 777. Another cousin got stuck in New York recently in similar conditions and I had to spend hours at Dubai Airport yesterday, when an Airbus got technical and had to stay overnight, now we hear that a relief flight is coming in. This is just when I look around me and my circle of friends and I am sure many Pakistani have had similar stories to tell, so let’s take our face out of sand, the first step to solving a problem is to realise there is one.

By writing fake letters, published the PR dept of PIA, will not help the management it is actually the hard work which will have to be put in place. While I mention mine and friends experience I am deliberately not mentioning the cases against cabin and flying crew in Manchester, London, New York, Canada etc whereby they have been held by the authorities for smuggling and carrying illegal stuff such as foreign exchange etc. It’s time PIA management comes out of its cosy offices and starts doing some practical stuff.


Karachi, July 11.