A: I have a feeling that Pakistan will do well in the next World Cup, we have a promising crop of players, if they develop well they can make it, especially with the new rules.

S: There are new rules? Why can’t the ICC just take a breather for a minute, they are always tweaking with this or tinkering with that. What did they do this time; make tea-break longer by five minutes, changed the length of the boundary, or decided that the wicketkeeper should be called the glove butler from now on?

A: Haha, glove butler would be an infinitely better name. Anyway the changed the rules to restore balance between bating and bowling, gone is the batting power play and fielding restrictions. Finally, the bowlers will once again have a role in the match, at the pace things were going they might as well have been replaced by bowling machines.

S: What is so good about that? Now there will be lower scores and more drawn out matches. People come to be entertained, to watch big shots and last over theatrics; this would make it a contest that would only excite the cricket purist, and here I though ICC wanted to make cricket more accessible to the casual viewer.

A: Yes, but turning it into a slog fest was not the answer. Proper technical cricket players are losing their spot to blunt power hitters who butcher the ball with aggression, not play it with skill. It’s turning into baseball, this change restores the order, makes it more of a contest, therefore, more entertaining.

S: When you talk about a blunt power hitter butchering a ball the only person that reminds me of is Afridi, and even you have to admit nothing was more entertaining than him in one of his rampages.