According to a media report, a labourer was tied to a tree and brutally beaten for stopping a feudal lord from teasing a young girl in Layyah. Police officials arrived at the scene to rescue the man after feudal lord ordered children to beat him with shoes and sticks. 

This is just one example of cruelty of feudal lords. The poor peasants and farmers of rural Sindh, Balochistan and Southern Punjab have been facing brutalities of feudal lords since many decades. Large landowners have dominated Pakistan’s politics since the country’s inception. 

All major political parties of Pakistan including ruling PML (N) have been called “feudal-oriented”, as more than two-thirds of the National Assembly and most of the key executive posts in the provinces are held by the feudal class. 

There is a dire need of land reforms and redistribution in the country. In the past, Z.A Bhutto had tried major effort to redistribute land to peasants and landless. Unfortunately, those were struck down as un-Islamic by Pakistan courts in a number of decisions from 1979 to 1989. I request to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to take serious steps for equal distribution of lands through a comprehensive package of land reforms. 


Faisalabad, June 17.