Clearly, it would be unrealistic to expect those moving and shaking the world with their ‘freedom and democracy’ agenda, to denounce the barbarity of Modi’s India in Kashmir. After all, India is not Venezuela or Russia, or some other country on their target list. Can you imagine their indignation and loud warnings if something like this had happened in one of those countries? Imagine if it were China or Iran that had shot dead over 30 peaceful protesters.

Independent reports from Sri Nagar provide a close-up of the recent military crackdown on Kashmiris living under what is literally an occupation by India. The reports tell us it wasn’t just the protesters who died. The violence was more widespread and followed a plan. The recent crackdown is clearly more sophisticated and employs tactics designed to systemically break down the collective will of the Kashmiri people and the feeling of solidarity among them.

There’s more to it than firing on the supporters of Burhan Wani protesting in different parts of Kashmir. Boys and young men engaged in ordinary activities, like sitting by the river with friends or going to the mosque, were beaten, sprayed with rubber pellets and shot at. Ambulances carrying the injured were attacked by security personnel. The wards of Sri Hari Singh Hospital in Sri Nagar where the injured were being treated were tear-gassed. Indian security personnel barged into hospitals to rough up the injured and those with them.

Has the brutal Indian repression in Kashmir entered a new phase? After all, the India-Israel ‘anti-terrorism’ cooperation had to bear its poisonous fruit one day. The two states have a lot to share when it comes to barbaric techniques of terrorising an occupied territory and brutalising those demanding freedom. Obviously, it is not a one-way relationship. In the context of the recent crackdown, however, it is Israel that’s the teacher. India is the eager student lapping up evil skills perfected by Israel in Palestine.

So who could convince them to end this barbarity? Not the flag-bearers of freedom, human rights and what not, the US and the cabal under its wing following its cues. The lame statement by the US State Department spokesman said it all: “We’ve seen reports of the clashes between protesters and Indian forces in Kashmir, we’re concerned by the violence, we encourage all sides to make efforts towards finding a peaceful solution”. To rub salt in Kashmiri wounds, he referred the correspondents to the government of India for any more specific information about the clashes.

Leaders who don’t mind bombing and invading sovereign states to bring them freedom and democracy don’t wish to utter a word to support the rights of Kashmiris. They couldn’t care less about the fact that Kashmir is an internationally recognised disputed territory waiting for the UN Security Council to fulfill its promise of a plebiscite for self-determination, and therefore more deserving of their attention. This comes as no surprise either. After all, they never say a word about the barbarity of Israel in Palestine. Governments in their camp can get away with murder, even genocide.

Don’t expect the UN Security Council to do anything to end the nightmare of Kashmiris either, not with the same duplicitous leaders of the ‘free’ world sitting on the table wielding a veto. Principles are mere tools they use to advance their great games, weapons to be used for attacking their rivals and only that. They will wake up to the rights of Kashmiris only if India decides to join the China-Russia nexus, something that seems unlikely for now.

So are we supposed to sit and watch the unending tragedy in Kashmir getting worse? When the name of the game is violence, what chance do the Kashmiris have against the might of the Indian state and its powerful imperial backers? What chance do the Palestinians have against heavily-armed Israel and its influence? In a world ruled by the law of the jungle, where principles are hollowed out and stripped of their meaning, can we hope for justice? Not in the world as we know it.

The good news is that the world is changing and the hypocritical US-led empire is crumbling. The emergent China-Russia nexus is challenging not only the US hegemony but also the way our world is being run. It is not difficult to appreciate the difference between the two. While the US considers itself to be an exceptional power with the right to impose its will on all and sundry, China and Russia are calling for a multipolar world where no one is above the law.

The vision of multi-polarity rejects the unilateralist badmashi of the empire and calls for respect of international law and sovereign equality of states. It rejects the imposition of the fraudulent freedom and democracy agenda and recognises the right of states to choose the course of development they wish to take. It rejects the divide and rule games of the empire that pit neighbour against neighbour and is working for resolution of disputes and regional integration. It rejects the one-sided relationships of dependence designed for imperial exploitation and is fostering win-win cooperation with countries around the globe.

What does that have to do with Kashmir, you might ask? My point is that the barbaric repression in Kashmir, in Palestine and so many other burdens on the conscience of humanity could exist only in a world completely devoid of principles. They would never exist in a world ruled by laws and principles, the kind of world that China and Russia are not only talking about but building bit by bit. For instance, when Pakistan and India become partners in SCO, wouldn’t it be easier for them to come to some agreement that paves the way for peace in Kashmir?

The point is that Indian repression in Kashmir is not an isolated problem. It is but one manifestation of an unjust and heartless world. To heal Kashmir, we must reform our lawless world marked by many festering wounds. As Martin Luther King Jr. said: “Justice is indivisible. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.