While the media as having a whale of a time with the juicy piece of news of Imran Khan’s alleged third marriage, the protagonist himself has taken offence. Like a celebrity hounded by the paparazzi, Imran Khan has sent a letter to PEMRA to complain about the media coverage of the rumours.

This squabble with a media trying to keep the news interesting (and sensational) is symptomatic of Imran Khan’s behaviour where he sets things in motion and then regrets it when the situation spirals out of control. And that is the key point, there are some things that the politicians and celebrities cannot control (and have no real right to) - like wagging tongues and tabloids news items. The PTI chief himself expressed a desire to tie the knot once more, so why the surprise at media speculation? Granted, this is not the sort of media hype Mr Khan wants to be involved in, but surely he must realise that his past and current career choices lead to such interest. If any news agencies have it wrong, he is within his right to rebut and restate. Running to PEMRA, an institution already at a loss to come up with any coherent idea of “media regulation” is a tad bizarre.

Imran Khan is arguably one of the most iconic cricketers to have ever played in the national team. His looks in his youth were the subject of constant admiration from adoring female fans. Naturally people were are interested in these stories of his personal life, that has been quite adventurous. In many respects, in the 90s he was one of the very few celebrities Pakistan had at the time that was universally loved.

And in any case, if the public (Imran Khan included) can spend ample time on the Prime Minister’s affinity for retail therapy in London, surely a little tabloid gossip was warranted.