For all that is going on in Pakistan today, what takes the cake, believe me there have been plenty of cakes to devour, nothing beats the present back and forth on the Panama Papers. But to discuss these earth shattering disclosures, one will have to bring in the overall scenario that exists in the country since the ouster of General Pervez

Musharraf, by the so called mandate holders of the people. I can already visualise hordes of politicians running up the ramparts to denounce the writer for the sacrilege of democracy. I will answer them later, but lets put the record straight.

Unless one is blind, deaf, mute and, to boot, without a conscience, it is to be accepted that the past eight years of civilian misrule have been the biggest disaster since 1971. Nothing works in this country anymore and nobody is bothered. There was a direction to the country in the pre 2007 days, the economy was booming, life and property were secure, the future was looking bright, progress was genuinely being felt in every sector of the indexes, but we are a restless and impatient lot. Out with the General and in with the holder of the “WILL”. Five years of the PPP under the umbrella of the ‘ Charter of Democracy” were years of the government kicking up one controversy after the other, some self created and others by their esteemed partners in the COD. By the time the new elections came around, PPP had failed so miserably at governing that their disastrous fate in the elections was a forgone conclusion. This though is where the rub kicks in.

The House of Raiwind had waited, impatiently , for fifteen years for the day when they would again have the keys to the coffers of the country in their pockets. Yet their turn was not a foregone conclusion as in this breach of distrust for the old style politics, had arrived Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf led by the charismatic and straight talking Imran Khan. With Dr.Tahir ul Qadri having already jolted the conscience of the people through his mammoth Jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan and his Dharna in Islamabad, as to the various caveats to be fulfilled by a contesting MNA or MPA as per the constitution of the country, Imran garnered a huge following all over the country.

This turn of events so unnerved the House of Raiwind that they called up every favour that they had outstanding from the establishment, to rig the coming election in their favour. Entities big and small, all joined hands for the greater good of themselves, rather than the country and worked out modalities to present the Mian with a solid majority. Imran, staring at the results while lying in the hospital bed, could not believe the results that were being announced. What had happened, how could ‘HOR’ be declaring victory while the results were still being counted and how could it end up being such a shocking result for PML-N ? The rest is history. The four constituencies that Imran forced the government to hold a recount of, have proved (not withstanding the flawed and tainted decision of the SC ) that the 2013 election was the most rigged election of Pakistan’s history. Was it not Chaudhry Nisar, this government’s Interior minister, who said that every constituency had over 70,000 bogus votes, meaning that the ‘N’ league were the majority beneficiaries of this largesse. Now take away these votes and the results would do a somersault. The facts that have emerged after a very painstaking and methodical set of calculations undertaken, it is believed that the House of Raiwind did not win more than 41 seats and that PTI had secured around 151 seats in the centre. Even in Lahore “N” league did not win a single seat

including that of Nawaz Sharif. The actual authentic votes for Mian’s party were around 5.3 million only. Whenever, if ever, an impartial and thorough investigation of the results of the 2013 elections is held, the real results would shock the nation to its very foundations. Thus was born the 3rd coming of Nawaz. Anyone ever wonder why the two Mian brothers or their MNA’s and MPA’s never give two hoots about the voting public, it’s because they know that they did not come through their votes but by manipulation of the results. This government breaks laws with impunity only because they have corrupted every institution barring the Armed Forces. If the four members of the Election Commission have been ‘double dipping” all these years and the son of the former CJ runs a business from his fathers official residence and accumulates hundreds of millions, is there anything left to the imagination.

With the Panama Papers disclosures, the loot and plunder of Pakistan by the House of Raiwind has been exposed and the emperor wears no clothes, yet him and his younger sibling strut around without any worries. Their motto seems to be, we shall loot at will, you catch us if you can. In any other country of the world the Prime Minister, would have months ago been thrown out on his backside onto the streets. The orchestrated mass murders of Model Town should have resulted in murder trials of the Mian’s, yet not a scratch on their visage. Through all this the nation at large and particularly ‘powers that be’ have been in a deep slumber.

But this illegitimate rule is coming to an abrupt end very soon through the street power, the silence of the lambs is about to end with a crescendo of such immense proportions that its reverberations shall be felt the world over. Either that or this country, as we know it, shall be no more. This theatre of the absurd needs to have a curtain pulled down on it forever.