QUETTA - Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) Chairman Mahmood Khan Achakzai MNA on Thursday said nobody would be allowed to sabotage democratic setup on the excuse of corruption charges.

Khan opposed targeting any particular person or family over corruption charges and sought across-the-board investigation against everyone in corruption cases, besides instituting cases against all those who abrogated the Constitution, dismissed elected governments and dissolved assemblies.

Addressing a press conference at Quetta Press Club, the PkMAP chairman welcomed the JIT if it was against corruption, but regretted targeting anyone or any family on the pretext of corruption charges. He warned of dire consequences in case the democratic setup was derailed.

“I remember, Achakzai said, a retired military officer tried to set up a sugar mill in the Punjab,” he said, questioning how he managed a huge investment for this purpose.

“Our alliance with Premier Nawaz Sharif is just for the cause of democracy,” averred Mahmood Achakzai, adding PkMAP had always backed every democratic setup in the country and would continue to do so. He called for a joint parliament session against corruption and advised all political forces to await the Supreme Court ruling which everyone would have to accept.

“There will be no comprise on intrigues against democracy,” said the lawmaker, warning the people would come on the roads if the Constitution was abolished.

He questioned why no investigation had been initiated against those who staged two longest sit-ins in Islamabad’s red zone, fixed tents on the Parliament’s premises and damaged its sanctity.

The PkMAP chairman questioned why no investigation was conducted against those responsible for killing dozens of people on the arrival of the then chief justice of Pakistan in Karachi on May 12, 2007.

Achakzai added Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party was against every kind of corruption in the country, but harassing only political leaders would be injustice. He demanded across-the-board accountability of those who had robbed a single penny of the national exchequer, adding an investigating committee comprising judges should have been formed for this purpose.

Mahmood Khan Achakzia warned thousands of people would come on the roads as happened in Turkey if any attempt was made to revoke the Constitution this time.

He went on say that Pakistan can’t withstand further experiments and advised the opposition parties and other institutions to save the country from anarchy and critical situations, which would serve no one.

Mahmood Khan Achakzai said Pak-Afghan relations won’t get normal until Afghanistan’s sovereignty was truly accepted and sought immediate steps to improve ties with Kabul, which would bring prosperity and development to Pakistan.

He was of the view that Afghanistan and Pakistan were strategic partners, so it must be accepted as a sovereign state. He also offered to play a role in boosting ties between the two neighbouring countries. He urged Pakistan to stay away from the tussle between Iran and Saudi Arabia and play a role in normalising the affairs between the two countries.