Since, the very beginning of globalisation, China has been trying its level best to establish healthy and cordial relations with countries around the globe. In this era of dependence, every single state is depending on resources of other countries. The drastic, brutal and the barbaric world wars had been an eye-opener, and everyone is now seeking peace. Finance and economy being one of the reasons behind wars, have been encouraging countries to develop free trade throughout the globe. Either the European nations, the USA or the third world countries, everyone needs financial satisfaction for which they rely and trust other countries.

China being in the marathon of success and economic prosperity has never missed a single chance to establish optimistic economic links with countries especially with the ones with rich sea of resources, Afghanistan is one of them. Initially, Afghanistan was a prosperous country but with time it came across the most savage wave of tribulations, first the Russian invasion and then the curse of terrorism. They have all collectively made it a suffering and needy country with zero capital to invest, but huge amount of resources. When China realised the situation in Afghanistan it didn’t hesitate in making inroads into Afghanistan. Being an economically strategic country, it followed its stance and policy of gaining maximum by making investments in Afghanistan.

It started making small investments in education sector, infrastructure and other smaller units. Being the world’s greatest commodities distributor, it didn’t resist the need to start its distribution in Afghanistan as well. Now after tiptoeing for long China right now is Afghanistan’s biggest investor. Kabul University was successfully established again with the funds granted by China. Moreover, trade deficit was reached, more schools were created, scholarship programmes were introduced and steps are also being taken to motivate students exchange programmes. China is helping Afghanistan in education sector and opening the local Afghanis to exposure by sending professionals to teach them. A lot of academies have been established to help locals of Afghanistan in opening small businesses and to teach them about modern industrial and agricultural methods of production, loans are also being given to aid them. Through better infrastructure facilities and newly established trade routes both countries have come closer.

China’s recent “One Belt One Road” initiative is a great hope to Afghanistan as well as other neighbouring countries, as it will ensure healthy trade among these countries. This project helps in developing new routes which can ensure a regular monetary supply, like the old times in 1600s when Afghanistan was the greatest exporter to China and China to Afghanistan.

China is also investing in Afghanistan in their securities. It is believed that ever since China started looking upon Afghanistan, it has been seeing positive changes in all the fields, either it is security or economy or modernisation. Afghanistan’s mineral resources are not to be forgotten, Afghanistan is a country rich in minerals worth trillions. Everyone is aware of how capable China is in utilising all the mineral resources to the maximum benefit of both China and the host country. Investments by China are always welcomed because everyone is aware of the positives, its host country achieves, for instance, Pakistan was once an underdeveloped country but through Chinese help it is now considered as a country in transition mode.

Afghanistan which was once brought to a scratch is now developing many projects by themselves. It is not only the deal of present but for future as well. Many future projects are already being announced and further processions are being made in order to keep these investments and exchange running. It is now said that Afghanistan is once again coming back to what it used to be and it won’t take long for Afghanistan to establish its successful exports once again.