SIALKOT - The local traders protested against the negligence of sanitation staff of Sialkot Municipal Corporation for not removing the trash heaps from the city’s Main Bazaar and Lehaai Bazaar.

The protesting traders were carrying banners and placards and chanting slogans. They said that there are big trash heaps everywhere in the Main Bazaar and Lehaai Bazaar. It has not been removed despite the repeated appeals made by local traders to the Municipal Corporation.

They said that the trash heaps have narrowed the ways of passing in this main BAZAARS due to which the people have been facing great difficulties. They added that ill smell oozes out from these trash heaps and creates great suffocation due to which it has also become very hard for the shopkeepers, traders, customers and the people to take breath.

Talking to the newsmen, the local perturbed traders have expressed grave concern over the critical situation. They said that the worst situation was leaving a big question mark on the performance of Sialkot Municipal Corporation’s sanitation staff.

They urged Municipal Corporation Mayor Ch. Tauheed Akhtar to take serious notice and ensure the early removal of these trash heaps besides ensuring the cleanliness in all the bazaars of Sialkot.