I find it distasteful that CDA Chairman, Sheikh Anser Aziz should tell the Senate Standing Committee in Cabinet Secretariat that those who have purchased apartments in One Constitution Avenue will be paid compensation.

The 240 owners of the apartments find themselves in a situation, where due to the involvement of the CDA (terms used by the Honourable Judge in the concluded BNP v CDA case) have been defrauded – again a term used by the Honourable judge in his judgement. CDA is rather a big part of the problem, than a solution. The apartments were purchased legally with the acknowledgement of the CDA. A number of us even made direct inquiries from them before buying the apartments. They assured us it was an approved project and there would be no concerns.

The apartments were built with the money paid by the owners, which included 79 overseas Pakistanis like myself. The money is a result of hard work, with the purpose to bring valuable foreign exchange in the country. Part of the cash was used by the developer to pay CDA for the land. It’s now unfortunate that the CDA is keen on getting their hands on our apartments, rather than completing it and handing it to the back to legitimate owners.


United Kingdom, July 12.