LAHORE: Pakistan’s much awaited first super hero flick had a super disastrous start when it crashed at its premiere in Karachi.

Superstar Humayun Saeed playing the male lead in the film was so disappointed that he left the show midway fuming over how bad was the editing.

Project Ghazi 's release has been stopped for several technical issues and mainly sound effects. The film, which was to be released on July 14, 2017, will now be released after four months.

The decision to reschedule the film release date was made by producers on the request of Humayun Saeed . The team of Project Ghazi took to social media to announce the postponement of the film release.

“It is with a heavy heart that we are making the announcement that project Ghazi’s release date has been postponed. We understand that this was a highly anticipated movie, but films of this magnitude require extensive technical work and hence to do justice to the film genre, we have decided to delay the release from July 14, 2017,” team Project Ghazi said.

Talking to The Nation, Humayun Saeed said Project Ghazi was almost incomplete. “There are so many technical issues and the film background sound was not good," he added.

"I left the premiere after half an hour and convinced the producers to delay the dates of the film release because I was not satisfied with the final product. So, we decided to release the film after four months."

Pakistan Film Exhibitors Association Chairman Zoraiz Lashari also expressed his displeasure. “If all screenings will be delayed how the cinema industry will survive," he said.

"Cinema houses are bearing the loss. To release two films (both Pakistani) on Eid can’t fulfill the demand of cinema industry. The producers and directors should think about this issue."

“Syed Noor's film ‘Chaen Aye Na’ which was earlier set to hit screens on July 21 has now been pushed to August 11. They are rescheduling the dates themselves without keeping us in touch,” Zoraiz said.

According to the cinema owner, the hype around Project Ghazi was so much that the tickets were being sold online. After hearing the news of Project Ghazi release date being extended the fans are disappointed.

Haris Chaudhry, property dealer in Cantt, who purchased the tickets online, said his children were so excited about Project Ghazi when they saw the trailer.

“They insisted on purchasing the tickets online at Sozo cinema in Fortress before its release. I purchased six tickets and our whole family planned to watch the film but after hearing this news everyone was disappointed. We have now got back the money that we had paid online,” Haris said.