Islamabad - The residents of Rimsha Colony Thursday held a protest against civic authorities after a family lost three of its member in the recent torrential rain, saying that the authorities remained unresponsive to the calamity.

Imran, his wife Nasreen and daughter had died as the roof of their house collapsed here in sector H-9. The adults died instantly but the young girl sustained serious injuries and residents waited for at least two hours for an ambulance to arrive before taking her to the hospital themselves. The residents of the slum, Rimsha Colony in Sector H-9 protested against the city administration, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and the 1122 Ambulance Rescue Service. The protest took place immediately after the three were buried in the nearby Cemetery.  Speaking on the occasion, Awami Workers Party (AWP) local organiser Daniel Masih said that the Christian people of Islamabad are allegedly facing discrimination.

He said that the family that had perished in the tragic incident had the walls of their home torn down reportedly by the CDA only a few weeks ago despite the fact that the Supreme Court has granted a stay to all katchiabadi residents under a case filed by the AWP’s founding President Abid Hasan Minto following the demolition of I-11 katchiabadi in July 2015.

AWP Punjab Deputy Secretary Alia Amir Ali said that there is little doubt that the ambulance did not grant importance to the case because the call came from a working-class Christian katchiabadi and not from a posh sector of the capital.

She said that this flagrant class and religious discrimination cannot be tolerated and demanded that the elected authorities hold those responsible accountable.

AWP Central Information Secretary Farman Ali said the poor people are suffering from intolerable injustice on daily basis. Meanwhile, a woman, Mariam Riaz was killed as wall of her house fell on her due to heavy rain in sector G-13 on Thursday.