HYDERABAD - The management of Sindh University has taken bold initiative of introducing Centralized Assessment System in order to bring the examination system in step with the requirements of changing modern times.

The initiative has been started with assessment of the answer scripts of candidates of law colleges affiliated to the university, informed the Vice Chancellor University of Sindh Prof Dr Fateh Muhammad Burfat while formally inaugurating the newly introduced centralised assessment system on Thursday.

Dr Burfat said that the given innovative system was being launched with the exclusive purpose of making the assessment system faster, smarter, more transparent and efficient. He said that the introduced move was nobly-motivated as an experiment in the reform arena; emphasising that once this experiment transpired successful, they would replicate it in case of other affiliated colleges as well.

Dr Burfat opined that the ongoing time were the times of cut-throat competition surviving in which required excellence as a core value and also called for exploration of new avenues to lead to progress and raising of standards.

He eulogised the efforts of SU teachers and office of Controller Examinations (Annual) towards adopting this change; hoping that the endeavors for transplantation of this strategy to other affiliated colleges will be duly accelerated.

The Vice-Chancellor informed that they were seriously contemplating conduct of annual examinations of the affiliated law colleges at the university campus to ensure transparency and efficient conduct of the same.

He added that they were in active consultation with the administration of the respective affiliated colleges and other stakeholders to reach a final decision in the matter.

Dr Burfat stressed that he believed in one point agenda of positively transforming the academic, research and administrative outlook of the university, calling upon teachers, officers, employees, students and civil society to help him achieve the projected objective.