LAHORE - Apart from the apparent contradictions in the statements of Sharif family members which proved bothersome for the JIT, there are some ‘interesting’ aspects also highlighted in the report. Assets Settlement document of the Sharif family is one of them. The JIT investigated this aspect to establish the ownership of Avenfield apartments.

According to JIT findings, the Assets Settlement document agreed and executed after the death of Muhammad Sharif (in 2005), does not contain details of any property outside Pakistan especially the Avenfield apartments. Though the Sharif family members had claimed in their statements that the apartments were transferred in the name of Mr Hussain Nawaz in 2006, much earlier than the execution of Assets Settlement document (signed in 2009); there was no mention of these apartments in the documents according to the report.

The JIT also finds it interesting in the settlement document that while the female members of the family have surrendered their rights in favour of male members in case of properties in Pakistan, none of the legal heirs of Mian Muhammad Sharif including Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif have surrendered their claims on the Avenfield apartments in favour of Mr Hussain Nawaz Sharif who has been living and looking after the affairs of this property since long.

Also, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif made an interesting statement before the JIT in relation to the news report of the Guardian which quoted Begum Kulsoom Nawaz as stating that the Avenfield apartments were purchased for Hasan and Hussain in 2000 while they were studying in London.

Mian Nawaz Sharif stated: “Sometimes these things are said because of lack of knowledge”.

This only implies that either the mother was unaware of the real facts about purchase of apartments for her sons or she was kept in the dark in this regard.