ISLAMABAD - Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan Friday jeered at his political opponent — former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, and said that a criminal has arrived in Lahore.

Addressing two public gatherings in Islamabad’s NA-53, first in Bharakahu and then in Karachi Company, he said the ousted prime should now return Rs300 billion that had been looted from the public money.

He said that PTI if came to power would show the masses how Rs8,000 billion could be collected in the form of tax. He said current tax collection was around Rs4,000 billion and PTI would make it double by building confidence of taxpayers that their money would be spent on betterment of the people only.

He said that PTI government would send the corrupt in jails. “We will not send the corrupt to the assemblies but all will land in jail,” he added.

He said both PML-N and PPP ruled the nation several times and they gave nothing except inflicting heavy debts on the country. He said both these parties could not decrease their non-development expenditures. He said corruption was the biggest issue of Pakistan that led to unprecedented financial deterioration in the country. He said that the state had no money in its national exchequer to run its affairs. “Our problems will be resolved when we will enhance our income than our expenditures,” he said.

He said after coming to power, PTI government would enhance its income generation sources through various means and by getting rid of corruption. He said that state institutions including National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) would be strengthened to nab the corrupt and to broaden tax net.

He talked about several civic problems the residents of the capital have been facing including shortage of clean drinking water, water contamination, encroachments, irregular construction, fast vanishing green areas and absence of proper waste disposal system. He asked for the need to introduce effective urban planning in the capital. He said that PTI would resolve all these issues on priority basis.

He said that a women university and a boys’ technical collage would be established in Bharakahu by PTI government.