LAHORE - Ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz’s journey from Heathrow Airport in London to Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore via Abu Dhabi remained top trend on twitter with the hashtag “Sher Aya Sher Aya”.

Thousands of twitter users, including PML-N supporters, tweeted and posted pictures of the two leaders.

On the other hand, PTI leader Hamza Ali Abbasi used the hashtag to disseminate his comment on Nawaz Sharif’s homecoming rally. Abbasi tweeted “#SherAyaSherAya. Convicted criminals Nawaz & Maryam will get A or B class jail at Adiala. Then Imran Khan will become PM & sign a short order, taking away all their privileges and sending them to the same jail a common person goes to. Jummah Mubarik”

Twitter user Awais Bakhtiyar@BakhtiyarAwais said, “EY243 Landed Alhamdulillah. Welcome Back #NawazSharifReturns #VoteKoIzzatDo #SherAyaSherAya”.

Farwa Cheema on her twitter handle @FarwaTCheema said, “Lahore is unbelievable today! History is being made. The massive MASSIVE crowd is winning hearts!”

A user @rahim_behroz said that Nawaz Sharif is fighting for civil supremacy. He tweeted, “All those standing against PML N will rue the day. All disagreements apart, he is fighting for civil supremacy #SherAyaSherAya.”

Faisal Ranjha ‏on his twitter handle @ranjha001 said, “Despite all hurdles, massive convoy moving forward, removing all containers in the way. #SherAyaSherAya”

Abdullah Mukaddam‏ appealed to twitter users to think for a while for the Mastung victims where more than 130 people were killed, including a candidate for the provincial seat. He was a candidate of Balochistan Awami Party. He tweeted on his twitter handle @AbMukaddam: “Liberals tweeting about IK, others about NS. What about 70 dead and several injured in #Mastung Blast?? It speaks a lot about us as a nation #SherAyaSherAya”.

As both leaders landed at 8:44pm at Lahore airport, tweets flooded the twitter with the aforementioned hashtag. Twitter user Ahmed Waleed @A_WaleedJanjua said, “Nawaz Sharif and Maryam NSharif have landed at Lahore Airport. Historic moment for Democracy.”

Basit Subhani @BasitSubhani tweeted, “Shabaz Sharif invites the nation to welcome the great son of soil Mian Nawaz Sharif who has sacrificed everything to ensure sanctity of the vote. Insha'Allah VOTE ko Izzat milley gee.”

PML-N social media official twitter account ‏@pmln_org_punjab says, “Lahore today, never seen such mobilization in my life. Fate of election 2018 sealed by NS and People of Pakistan!” Zubair Faisal Abbasi @zubairabbasi said, “Massive arrests underway in Punjab. This is oppression. This is anti-democracy. This is illegal. This is outright criminal.”

Sajid Iqbal @IqbalOrakzai92 said in his tweet, “Peaceful protest is the basic right of people in democratic country. The forceful suppression of people's voice happens in authoritarian rule. #SherAyaSherAya”

Senator Faisal Abidi @SenFaisalAbidi tweeted, “This issue could've been handled other way. It seems as if we are God forbid about to be struck by some natural disaster. Why so much hue and cry over their return, couldn't all this be handled as per the SOP for convicted ones, if not, there is something cooking. #SherAyaSherAya”

On twitter user, Atiq Mughal ‏@atiqmughal431 said, “PMLN is badly exposed today. Extremely poor show in Lahore. Numbers are below average in Lahore. Embarrassing situation for PML-N, especially for Showbaz who thinks he is popular in Lahore. Bye Bye PMLN!”