OKARA: Jamaat-e-Islami [JI] district amir and Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal [MMA] district president Ch Rizwan along with MMA allies announced to support Ch Riazul Haq Juj and Ch Munibul Haq, contesting election on PML-N tickets in NA-142 and PP-189 respectively.

MMA head Ch Rizwan and local heads of other religious parties including Agha Syed Fakhar Abbas, Hafiz Abdul Sami, Habibullah Chorahi, Syed Ehtesham Gilani and Junaid Qureshi, in a joint announcement, declared their support for PML-N candidates including former MNA Ch Riazul Haq Juj, candidate for NA-142, and Ch Munibul Haq, candidate for PP-189, to ensure their success in general election. Ch Riazul Haq Juj and Ch Munibul Haq expressed gratitude to all the religious parties for their support. "With your support, our position in our areas was strong now," they said. "After winning elections, we will never ignore the call of help from the MMA and other religious parties," they vowed.