SHIKARPUR - The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) always has stronghold in Shikarpur but this time it seems that the PPP may face tough contest because of people of Shikarpur have expressed their disappointment over meager health facilities, prolonged loadshedding, poor development works, nepotism in giving jobs and other core issues on Friday.

Shikarpur has two National Assembly seats Shikarpur-1 consists Shikarpur-Khanpur NA-198, and Shikarpur-11 consists on Ghari Yasin-Lakhi Ghulam Shah NA-199 and three provincial assembly seats including Shikarpur-1 consists on PS-07 Shikarpur and some parts of Khanpur as well, Shikarpur-11 consists on PS-08 Khanpur, Shikarpur-11 consists on PS-09 Gharhi Yasin. There are total 596,972 registered voters out of them 275,504 are female and 321,468 are male registered voters in the district.

Former MNA and chieftain Dr Muhammad Ibrahim Jatoi, an independent candidate, Mir Abid Ali Bhayo, sitting district president PPP and former provincial minister, Molana Abdullah Pahore, MMA candidate and Sardar Wahid Bux Bhayo, the PPP leader who is contesting as independent candidate in his personal capacity are contesting for NA-198.

There are total 305,408 total votes out of them 141,267 are female and 164,141 are male registered voters in the constituency.

However, there is a tough competition between Dr Muhammad Ibrahim Jatoi and Mir Abid Ali Bhayo, the PPP candidate.

It is worthwhile to mention here that an objection had been filed by an independent candidate against Mir Abid Ali Bhayo for having dual CNICs and votes as well and an appellate tribunal Sukkur had rejected the nomination papers of Ali Bhayo for NA-198.

Ali Bhayo has lodged appeal at apex court and after hearing arguments honourable court has reserved the decision and it would be announced on July 17th, if the nomination papers of Ali Bhayo may reject then there is no strong candidate for NA-198 against Dr Muhammad Ibrahim.

A tough contest also expected between Ghous Bux Khan Mahar, an eminent politician and former MNA, GDA ticket holder and Sardar Zulfikar Ali Kamario, PPP ticket holder for NA-199.

Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh, former bureaucrat turned politician, PPP ticket holder, Agha Taimoor Khan Pathan, the disgruntled PPP leader and former provincial minister, Syed Waliullah Shah Amroti, a spiritual leader, Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA), an alliance between a few political parties are contesting for PS-07 Shikarpur-1.

While real and exciting contest to be taken place between disgruntled PPP leader Agha Taimoor Khan Pathan, who is contesting on the ticket of GDA and Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh for PS-07 Shikarpur, while there are total 210,151 votes out of them 96,933 are female and 113,218 are male registered voters in the constituency.

Ameer Ali Jatoi, an independent candidate, Sardar Moeen Khan Pahore, on the ticket of PPP, Shaharyar Khan Mahar, former captain turned politician, on the ticket of GDA and Molvi Abdullah Mahar, a candidate of MMA are contesting for PS-08 Khanpur.

It is tough contest between Shaharyar Khan Mahar, GDA candidate, and Ameer Ali Jatoi, an independent candidate to be taken place while there are total 182,253 votes from them 84,701 are female and 97,552 are male registered voters in constituency.

Agha Siraj Khan Durrani, PPP ticket holder, Syed Rushudullah Shah Amroti, MMA candidate and Agha Imtiaz Babar, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader are contesting for PS-09, Ghari Yasin.

Durrani was believed to be strong candidate, however there are 204,568 total votes from them 93,870 are female and 110,698 are male registered voters in the constituency.

Besides, Soomra family has political influence, but who are not contesting this time from Shikarpur, but who are attached with the PPP and it was allegedly reported that who have reservations with party leaders.

Also, the number of independent candidates also wants to try his luck and became headache for contesting candidates.