islamabad - Famous for its cold water stream, and iconic lush green mountains, a natural picnic spot ‘Shahdara’ near the federal capital is attracting a large number of visitors on weekends.                                                                           

The main attraction at Shahdara picnic point is a water stream. Street food points have been setup on the corner of the water stream which attracts innumerable visitors. Seating has been arranged by these food points in the middle of the stream which makes it even more attractive for visitors.

Muhammad Ali, a visitor said that it is fun to sit in the middle of stream and enjoy food with family and friends. Shazia, another visitor said that it looks like heaven on earth due the lush green hills surrounding the area and the beautiful stream lined with delicious food points.

She said that his whole family enjoyed the beauty of Shahdara on every weekend. Asghar Kakar, said that it’s a peaceful family picnic spot.

 It is located about 7 km away from Barakahu and 15 km from Islamabad. Shahdara Valley is situated in the foothills of Margalla hills. Visitors also demanded that the road leading to beautiful resort should be widened and repaired by the authorities. The owners of traditional food outlets said that every day a good number of people visit this beautiful resort, especially on holidays.