The government of Pakistan and concerned authorities are completely failed to eliminate the rape culture in the country where the minor children’s lives are being destroyed by the gangs. The rape culture is very common and hundreds of small children were killed illegally after their abduction and rape in Pakistan.

Recently, a 21-year-old girl was kidnapped and allegedly raped in Karachi’s Gulshan-i-Hadeed area within the limits of Steel Town when the girl along with her family members was standing near a park in Gulshan-i-Hadeed that three gangs had abducted and rapped her illegally. Actually, the children are considered the beauty of the country who need to be loved and cared by everyone but unfortunately, it is opposite in our society where instead of giving love, we are abducting and rapping them which is a very shameful act for everyone. Children need our love not abduction and illegal rape that we have made a rape culture in our country.

So the government of Pakistan and Police department must be alert to catch the gangs and punish them at any rate in order to save the lives of the children in our society. We hope that the Police would eradicate this issue from its root and stop the rape culture in Pakistan very soon.


Kech, June 23.