ISLAMABAD -Water flows in the rivers have increased considerably after the temperature enhanced in the catchment areas and the provinces shortage has gone down to zero.

Due to snow melting river inflows have increased to 337,800, cusecs and resultantly the storage has also increased, said spokesperson for IRSA in an interaction with media.

On Friday temperature at Skardu was recorded at 36.7c which is slightly more than as compared to Thursday and very encouraging for snow melting, he said.

Due to snow melting river inflows have increased by 11300 cusecs from 326,500 cusecs to 337,800, cusecs, he said. Similarly the outflows have also increased by 6400 cusecs from 302,900 cusecs to 309,300 Cusecs.

Khalid Rana said that the storage of dams have increased by 0.095 MAF from 0.843 MAF to 0.938 MAF.

It is pertinent to mention here that on last Sunday Tarbela reservoir has touched its dead level of 1386 feet but during past few days the dam level has increased by more than 11 feet. He said that currently provinces are getting water as per their share and there is zero load shedding. Irsa is releasing 114,400 cusecs to Punjab, Sindh 151,000 cusecs, Balochistan 16,000 cusecs to Balochistan while KP is getting 3100 cusecs.

It is expected that present trend will remain continue in next 3-4 days with slight variations, he maintained.

The position of the river inflows and outflows at Tarbela, Mangla and Chashma along with the reservoirs levels and the barrages on Sunday was following.

Inflow in River Indus at Tarbela was 178500 cusecs and outflows 150000 cusecs, inflows in Kabul at Nowshera were 45100 cusecs and outflows 45100 cusecs, inflows in Jhelum at Mangla were 45000 cusecs and Outflows 45000 cusecs, while inflows in Chenab at Marala were 69200 cusecs and outflows 36200 cusecs.

Inflow in Jinnah Barrages were 187200 cusecs and outflows 182200 cusecs, Chashma inflows 205900 cusecs and outflows 180000 cusecs, Taunsa inflows 165700 cusecs and outflows 158000 cusecs, Panjnad inflows 15900 cusecs and outflows 1700 cusecs, Guddu inflows 138600 cusecs and Outflows 99700 cusecs, Sukkur inflows 87800 cusecs and outflows 39000 and the inflows in Kotri were 34400 cusecs.

Tarbela against the minimum operating level of 1386 feet is currently 1397.40 feet. The maximum conservation level of dam is 1550 feet. Mangla against the minimum operating level of 1050 feet is presently 1119.75 feet.The maximum conservation level of the dam is1242 feet.While Chashma against its minimum operating level of 638.15 feet is presently 641 feet. The maximum conservation level of the dam is 649 feet.