LAHORE-The comments made by actress Hina Altaf about actor Muneeb Butt seemed to upset the wife of the actor Aiman Khan, who called it a ‘shameful act’.

A video from the show has been running social media rounds where the two can be seen talking about the wedding of Aiman and Muneeb. Hina is also seen saying that, compared to other Pakistani artists, Muneeb is not a good actor.

First, Aiman posted on Facebook saying: “Shame on these people for making fun of their colleagues. Such uneducated host and guest, I must say.”

Sister Manal also jumped to her side with a post saying: “Why do we hate each other so much? Such uneducated host and guest!”

Soon after, Hania Amir also shared her two cents on the matter via Instagram stories: “Being an actor or even working in any field of life you would know what goes on behind the camera, all the hard work one has to put in to get a job done, the hustle behind it. Demeaning somebody’s work (good or bad) just for kicks is low. As low as it gets.”

Model Faiza Khan said: “One should not laugh and make fun over fellow actors acting.

As far as acting is concerned, I would say Muneeb Butt is a brilliant actor.