LAHORE - The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz  was backing a group of traders for gaining its own political goals, Punjab Information Minister Sumsam Bukhari said on Saturday .

Talking to his party delegations, Bukhari said the PML-N was doing politics of confrontation. He said those levelling allegations on others should also had patience to lend an ear to truth. He said involving government in every matter was premeditated.

The minister said the government had already held negotiations with the traders and was ready for more talks.

“It was imperative to take bold decisions for bettering national economy.  Prime Minister Imran Khan wants to the country developed,”

Law Minister Raja Basharat called the opposition-backed strike ‘a badly flopped show’, exposing the opposition’s popularity among the masses.

Basharat says we honour taxpayers

The minister said:  “We appreciate patriot and sincere traders who rejected the strike call. It shows that the nation backs PM Imran Khan’s campaign for reviving economy by focusing on austerity and expanding tax network.

He continued: “The masses understand the PTI inherited economic issues because of corruption of the past rulers. In the developed countries, all citizens pay heavy taxes responsibly for which the government provides best civic facilities to them.

Basharat said, “We honour those citizens and traders who pay their taxes honestly and help the government. I hope the realistic policies of the government will bring economic stability in the country and resolve the problems people are facing presently.”