Islamabad - Ministry of National Health Services on Saturday launched health information portal which will function as a source for publishing information related to the health sector in the country.

A statement issued by the ministry said that Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Health Dr Zafar Mirza launched the health information portal, titled ‘Pakistan Health Knowledge Hub’. The launch was attended by representatives of Federal Health Ministry, officials from provincial health departments, USAID JSI, UNICEF and public health professionals.

On this occasion, Dr Zafar Mirza endorsed the efforts of Health Ministry for developing a one-stop portal for essential government documents, reports, strategies and legislation documents related to the health sector.

He added that we must make a mental shift in order to effectively utilize and implement the available information from routine public sector practice to ensuring real time availability of information through the knowledge hub.

He emphasized that the Ministry needed to internally institutionalize this initiative and make all possible efforts to keep the knowledge hub updated with new information and documents. Dr Zafar Mirza encouraged the provincial representatives to take ownership of the knowledge hub at the provincial level and for ensuring smooth progress and sustainability of this initiative.

Dr Zafar Mirza further added that Pakistan Health Knowledge Hub was an open-access resource and will function as a technical resource for government officials, academics, researchers, policy developers and decision makers besides all members of the general public. DG Health said that the knowledge hub was housed on a dedicated server at the ministry. Content on the knowledge hub was organized by thematic areas, common health topics and areas of special interest, he said.

The knowledge hub will function as a go to source for published information related to the health sector in the country. A key feature of the knowledge hub is a robust search mechanism with a user-friendly interface and easy to browse archives.