MULTAN-Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Ameer Sirajul Haq has said that those who brought Imran Khan in power are also highly worried as PTI’s just one year is worse than 70 years.

Addressing the participants of an Awami March here, Sirajul Haq declared that the PTI could not rule the country any longer without holding finger of the umpire. He said that the government completely failed to deliver and the price hike during last 10 months is much higher than 70 years. He maintained that it is not tax but extortion that was being recovered forcibly from the poor masses, who have already been crushed by horrible price hike. He said that it is not just economy but the entire system that is on ventilator. He said that the real culprit is the ruling class, which sucked blood of the poor masses and fed IMF with it.

He said that the current government pledged country’s integrity and sovereignty to the IMF besides its economy.

He said that the people should pay tax. “But we cannot pay tax to the slaves of IMF corrupt rulers,” he added. He said that the government claimed that the people were thieves. “But I say that government’s machinery is corrupt. They looted the country for the last 70 years and built palaces for themselves. They kept poor people deprived from education, health, employment and shelter,” he added.

He said that the JI held this march for the sake of poor masses and poor people joined it. He said that the PTI befooled the masses but failed to fulfil any promise. He added that they promised to give 10 million jobs but instead rendered hundreds of thousands jobless, talked of giving five million homes but left thousands homeless. He maintained that the frequency of train crashes increased horribly and a large number of people got killed. “If the ministers and advisers of the government had possessed any conscience, they would have quit the government on their ineligibility and failure,” he added. He said that over 70 train accidents took place in just one year but the railways minister is not ready to resign. He said that the JI would fully support traders’ strike as the government is hell bent-upon ruining the national economy and trade on foreign directions.

The JI ameer pointed out that the prices of petrol, diesel, electricity, cement and sugar increased. He raised a question that why the prices of those items, which are manufactured in Pakistan, increased while it have nothing to do with the price of dollar. He said that he met with Pakistanis in Saudi Arab who donated money and expressed good wishes for Pakistan. “Now they are praying for Pakistan to get rid of this jinx,” he claimed.

He said that if the poor, farmer and labourer want to get rid of exploitation they should vote for Islamic system instead of tyrant landlords and merciless capitalists.

The Jamaat ameer claimed that the JI strives for the enforcement of Nizam-e-Mustafa in the country and Quranic code is the only way to lift the country.

He said that the people asked him that whom he would support in Chairman Senate election. “My answer to them is that we are with the poor people of Pakistan instead of government and opposition,” he pointed out. He said that the current government is the blend of PPP and PML-N, adding that they are also playing the same game with the country and nation which was played by their predecessors.

He said that the previous rulers talked of friendship with India while current rulers betrayed Kashmiris too. He said that the government is so helpless in front of IMF that it removed its finance minister and Governor State Bank and replaced them with the representatives of IMF. He warned that the poor people would besiege the palaces of rulers if the government refuses to withdraw increase in prices of oil, gas, electricity and bread. He said that the people are ready to fight against political and economic terrorists. He said that the people wanted to pay taxes but the government forced them to pay extortion.