Lahore - The Awami Mazahmat – an alliance of leftist parties – trade and workers’ unions arranged a seminar at Hamdard Hall, a press release said on Saturday. Eminent economists Dr Pervaiz Tahir and Dr Qais Aslam were specially invited to talk on ‘Pakistan’s Economic Crisis and Socialist Alternative’. Shazia Khan and Shahzad Arshad welcomed the guests and speakers and gave a brief introduction of the seminar while the discussion was opened up by Tariq Shahzad. Dr Qais Aslam said the government is shifting all economic burden of its self-created crisis on the middle class. He said: “There is a constant crisis which Pakistani people have been facing for decades, but the ruling elite is cashing in on this crisis.

We should question where our tax money is being spent. We need to build t structures of our working class to change this system.”  He stressed the need for updating the educational syllabus.

Dr Pervaiz Tahir said: “We were born with the economic crisis; there is a ruling elite who occupied and captured the whole system.”

Citing an example, he said that it was started in 1946 elections in united India, where only landlords and educated people had the right to vote.

Moreover, he said that the direct taxes are very meagre which is on rich, wealthy people but the high amount of indirect taxes is being collected from the poor masses. He said that IMF is the failed option to rescue our economy but the debt trap.