According to the report of the United Nations, water scarcity has become an increasingly pressing issue of our state. About 1.8 billion residents of Pakistan will not have access to water by the end of 2025. Since 60 percent of our economic sustainability depends on agriculture, our economy will also suffer. In a recent report by the IMF, Pakistan has ranked third among the countries in term of water shortage. The study shows that Pakistan is about to suffer a shortage of 31 million acre-feet of water by 2025. This shortfall will be destruction for a country like Pakistan with an agriculture-based economy. The water crisis is due to its wastage. Pakistan is ranked as the fourth highest user of water use. It proves that much of the water amount is being wasted instead of being utilized, which can bring a great disaster at any time.

The concerned ministry should take strict measures to tackle this issue. The public should do its best to reduce the use of water.