There were still two months in this year’s Asia Cup cricket tournament, but the Asian Cricket Council with the influence of the Indian Cricket Board made an early decision to cancel the Asia Cup till the next year.

The 15th edition of the Asia Cup, which was scheduled to be hosted by Pakistan in September, has been cancelled owing to the global pandemic.

At a time when international cricket is under way, the cancellation of this year’s Asia Cup is beyond my understanding. One can clearly see that the influence of the BCCI over the Asian Cricket Council is at peak.

The chairman of the BCCI made the final decision of cancelling the Asia Cup 2020.

Such an announcement made by the chairman of the BCCI before the ACC’s official decision disappointed cricket fans. I believe that it was the BCCI’s involvement in the Asian Cricket Council.

This is why the Asia Cup was cancelled to create more financial problems for Pakistan and other Asian teams.

The Asia Cup could have been played by December this year on neutral venues.

An early decision to cancel this year’s Asian cricket event will also affect the future of Asia Cup tournaments.