Medicine is so costly that the poor can’t bear the heavy prices. Consequently, a majority of the poor die because of a lack of proper treatment and medicine. The price of medicine is highly expensive in Pakistan which contributes to the deterioration of health in low-income families. It is quite normal in public hospitals, especially in Sindh, that doctors recommend private medicine to their patients. To ask doctors about governmental medicine is a waste of time; they continuously blame the government for the lack of medicine.

People, who are well-off and opulent, often try to consult private doctors and take medicines they suggest. However, the poor mainly depend on public hospitals and dispensaries, but a lack of medicine in government hospitals has contributed a lot in making the situation worse for them. Currently, COVID-19 and the high rate of inflation have undoubtedly been a great burden on the pocket of the poor. To survive in this hellacious situation is beyond the poor’s capability.

Therefore, the government of Pakistan should play its role in making things easier for the poor. The proper set up of medicine in public hospitals and dispensaries should be assured. Likewise, the government should also bring down the cost of private medicine at an accessible level for the poor.