Many optimistic Pakistanis like me are currently finding it exceedingly difficult to find the silver lining in the current situation in Karachi. Almost a full year has passed since K-Electric was held responsible by NEPRA for the deaths of twenty citizens in Karachi due to electrocution because of monsoon rains. The current monsoon season has only begun, and four people have already lost their lives due to electrocution. The residents’ anger towards K-Electric is rapidly increasing but the governing body is paying no heed towards the public hue and cry. The management seems to be unstirred and it appears that they have forgotten the value of a human life.

No visible steps have been taken by K-Electric to ensure the safety of residents of Karachi. Electricity installations regulated by K-Electric continue to remain neglected. It is the need of the hour that K-Electric dedicates a special section of its staff to address this issue. K-Electric’s inability to ensure an uninterrupted power supply and the unjustified load-shedding is a different issue altogether, but it should at least take all possible steps to curtail any deaths. One can only hope and pray that K-Electric, the provincial and federal governments will promptly address this issue before any further loss is suffered by the city.