Sikandar Hayat Khan Sherpa, Qaumi Watan Party's (QWP) provincial Chairman Sikandar Hayat Khan said on Tuesday that the Federal government could not even start delivering on its promises as ruling party was about to complete its 700 days in power. 

He lain criticism on the conduct of the ruling party concerning frequent U-turns,  which was complete opposite of the slogan of change. He stated that such actions do not suit claimants of 'State of Madinah Model,' as it seemed deceptive.

He was addressing a gathering at Shabqadar Tehsil in Charsadda district, said a press release issued from the party’s headquarters, Watan Kor. On this occasion ex-candidate PK-60 Rajeedullah Khan joins QWP along with friends and supporters.

He said that the PTI has been in power in KP for the last seven years but it miserably failed to translate its so-called agenda of change into reality.

The points he mentioned were regarding PTI government heavily borrowing from the international financial institutions but could not revive the economy rather set new records by adding to the country’s debt burden. Sikandar Sherpao said that high inflation significantly affected the purchasing power of the people.

He said the country has suffered the from one phase of crisis to another during tenure of this government.

He added that numerous problems added to the woes of the common people as sugar, flour and oil mafias had benefited from the incompetence of the PTI rulers. He said the mishandling and unprofessional approach regarding issue of the fake licences of the Pakistan International Airlines pilots also resulted in a bad name for the country at the global level.

Sikandar Sherpao said the focus of government was not to contain the Covid-19  pandemic but constantly raise non-issues. He said the government foolishly seeks to reverse the 18th constitutional amendment in endeavour to compromise the provincial autonomy from the provinces.

The QWP leader said the federal government was highly engaged in damaging the federation by trying to slash the share of the provinces in the NFC award.

“We will not compromise on the rights of the province,” he vowed, suggesting that the national security is attached to strengthening of provincial autonomy.